Keeping Fit in a Sustainable Living Environment

Reducing the energy consumption for my household is always a top priority. As a result, keeping fit with fitness machines that require power is simply not an option. With this in mind I’d like to explore eco-friendly ways to keep fit.


I have never really understood why we use treadmills or why they are so popular. My only thought is the ability to watch a TV during your run or how easily the machine is able to track your progress.

If you use a treadmill four times a week with a total distance of 10 miles, this would use around 0.60 KWH. Over the year this totals to over 3,000 KWH, with energy costing around $40. You also need to factor in the purchase of the machine and the process of manufacturing, delivery, etc.

The obvious eco solution is to simply go for a run or walk outside. It doesn’t matter where you live, there is always a place to run. All you require is a decent pair of shoes, shorts and a t-shirt.

The Gym Alternative

Inside most gymnasiums you will find a whole host of machines to help keep you fit, but the gym is not very eco-friendly as all of these machines cost money to operate. The cost of a gym membership is also not cheap, with a national average of $50 a month.

I recently discovered a more eco-friendly gym option that provides a number of solutions for keeping fit, without the use of energy-consuming machines. CrossFit is a pretty full-on workout alternative to the traditional gym. I recently attended a CrossFit session with a friend to pick up eco-friendly fitness ideas.

In addition, below is a range of equipment and exercises that don’t require electric power.


The last time I used a weight bench was back at high school. I was never a huge fan, mainly because of my small body frame. I now see the appeal of the weight bench as it only requires my own power to complete the workout process and the equipment will last for generations.

Pull Up Rack

The first piece of equipment that I noticed as I walked into the “Box” was this huge metal frame attached to the wall and the floor. I had no idea what it was going to be used for, but the combination of exercises you can complete on it is truly amazing.

Skipping Rope

It’s simple, cost effective, quick and easy to produce, but still manages to give you an excellent workout. The skipping rope is probably most renowned with boxing, but it is also a big part of CrossFit training. The skipping rope ticks every box for the eco-friendly fitness enthusiast and is one of my own personal favorite exercises.

The last thing I want to say about CrossFit is I love the simplicity of the space — if you compare it to a traditional gym you can instantly see the reduction of impact on the environment. I think everyone should consider giving up their gym memberships and building their own basic CrossFit gym at home.

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Crossfit Workout: How to Build Arm Muscles

To Build Arm Muscles successfully such as the muscles in your Biceps, Triceps, forearms and shoulders requires a couple of things. What you may be surprised to hear is that Arm Exercises themselves have lesser importance to develop the arms than other aspects which we’ll discuss.

Tips to Build Arm Muscles Fast!

Best Exercises to Build Big Arms

A common misunderstanding about building bigger arms is that specific arm exercises such as triceps push downs, biceps curls, forearm raises are the most important to reach this goal.

Crossfit Workout: How to Build Arm Muscles

What you may be surprised to hear thought is that these exercises that are totally unrelated to the arms are actually the best to see significant grown. For example, if you want to add an inch to your biceps then the Best way to go about this is actually by doing heavy squats twice a week.

You either hate or love squats. Personally, though I love squats simply because of the sheer stress they place on the central nervous system which releases growth hormone that forces every muscle in the body to grow including the arm muscles!
The downside to squats is I have destroyed 4 pair of shorts over the past 3 months just doing squats! and I am not the only one who keeps doing this two others did the same thing last weekend, after speaking with one of the crossfit trainers they suggested I buy a pair of compression shorts.
I purchased two new pairs just yesterday from the body2shape top 50 crossfit-shorts list it details the current best shorts on the market with real reviews check it out.

It is for this reason why squats and another compound movements like shoulder presses, bench presses, deadlifts, rows and so on should be a part of your arsenal to build bigger arms.

While saying this I wouldn’t totally disregard specific arm exercises. I would also include them in my routine but I’d have them as a secondary exercise.

The compound exercises should make up the foundations or your workout as they are going to be the major mass builders however, I would then cap these exercises off by including specific arm exercises at the end of the workout.

For instance, dips and triceps pushdowns to build the tricep arm muscles, barbell curls and preacher curls to build the biceps and forearms raises to develop the forearms.A common mistake people make when trying to build arm muscles is that they over train them in the knowledge that the harder they work these muscle groups the more they will grow.

Unfortunately this is not true! You must give your muscles time to repair. As a rule of thumb you should only train biceps and triceps specifically twice a week at the very most. Also, you should give 48 hours before you train biceps or triceps again.

Eat to Build Big Arms

To build muscle you need to eat more than you require each day and enough protein to keep the muscles of the body in an anabolic (muscle building) state right throughout the day. The same is true for Building the arm muscles.

If you aren’t feeding your muscles the right food on a regular basis then I’m afraid you just won’t much (if any) improvement to your arms.

You can do all the training you like but if you are not getting good nutritious, regular meals then I’m afraid to say that your arms won’t grow.

By this I mean 6 filling meals per day with a good lean protein source in every meal such as turkey breasts, steak, fish or whey protein powder.

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Whey and Crossfit Training Part Two

Check out part one of this article here


Immediately after waking up, take between 20 and 40g of whey, in that way letting your body to switch to anabolic modus right from the beginning of the day, when it’s usually in a catabolic state.

30 minutes before a crossfit workout, take your protein shake with 20g of whey. Then, within 30 minutes after your workout, you should consume another shake with 20 to 40g od whey in a combination with 10 to 20 grams of casein, as it is a slow absorbing protein.

And also, whey can be added in your shake, as a daily nutrition between your meals.

crossfit weightlifting

Daily intake recommendation for the athletes is 1.2 to 1.4g per kg (0.55 – 0.64g/lb), for idurance training, and 1.2 – 1.7g/kg (0.5 – 0.8g/lb) for strength training.

But, it is essential to be aware that too much protein can lead to storage of fats, diarrhea, dehydration, excess amounts of amino acids, ammoniaand insulin in the blood.

Also, if you have kidney problems, you should avoid high protein diet, and consult your doctor about your nutrition.

Whey absorption rate is 10 grams per hour.

10 % to 35% of daily calorie intake should come from proteins.

More precisely, here’s a table for different ages for even easier determination of how much you need:

Grams of protein needed each day
Children ages      1 – 3 13
Children ages      4 – 8 19
Children ages      9 – 13 34
Girls ages           14 – 18 46
Boys ages           14 – 18 52
Women ages      19 – 70+ 46
Men ages           19 – 70+ 56

Try this workout after taking the whey product


Most recent research, conducted at SupplySide West, and explained by nutrition and physiology expert Chris Mohr, showed the benefits of whey protein over other protein types, in terms of funcionality, flavor and nutrition.

Dr. Mohr explained that it is needed about 50g/day for an adult, just to avoid a deficiency. He adds: ”To optimize the benefits of protein, I recomend that adults take in about 90 gram/day, and more active adults should get approximately 120g/day.”

Mohr also highlighted some new crutial benefits of whey, such as:

  • whey protein can help people feel fuller longer than carbohydrates or fats.
  • consuming whey protein and performing resistance exercise regularly, can help build more lean muscle than resistance training along or resistance training combined with carbohydrate consumption.
  • consuming whey after workout helps build and repair muscle
  • reduce muscle loss with aging, by slowing the age related decline of muscle mass, by engaging in resistance training and consuming higher than recommended dietary allowance for protein.

There is also, so called, “biological value of protein’’, which represents the amount of protein actually used by your body. The higher the amount is, the better quality of the taken protein, and so the whey protein takes the lead role among all of the proteins out there. It has a biological value of 104, opposite to other foods like beef (80), and fish (79), or soy (74) and beans (49).

The most important fact there is, is that, opposite to carbs and fats, your body does NOT store protein. This means, if you do not supply your body with enough protein, the body will food on it’s self. It will tear down your existing muscle tissue, among which is the most important one, a heart muscle, leading to many diseases.

Undenatured Whey Protein contains the highest concentrations of BCAA’s of any protein found in nature! This BCAA content is important, because, they are an integral part of muscle development, and the Quadra-peptides found in whey protein isolate have even been shown to have pain- killing effects!

Undernatured Whey protein helps stimulate the production of Glutathione, a tri-peptide that deals with immunity, and acts as an antioxidant and detoxifying agent. Researches show that increased production of Glutathione, may inhibit the progression of the aging process, since old cells contain 20% to 30% less Glutathione, compared to young cells.

The source also gives some other, new, very important benefits of whey, such as:

  • increase of serotonin activity, the bodies ‘’anti-depressive’’ to promote restful sleep.
  • decrease of stress and reduce of cortisol levels
  • enhance of energy
  • improve mood and memory loss under stress
  • help build lean muscle mass and reduce body fat
  • keeping the metabolic rate high

So, having all this in mind, it is proved that Whey has and should have, a very special role in our life and our daily consumption, as it has showed us to be full of most powerful nutrients, some of which are even predestined to cure some of the most dangerous diseases, like cancer and AIDS, but it should be advised to take care in choosing the right product company and manufacturer, as there are malwares every where, so inform your self well before trying something out, and keep up the track with your doctor and nutritionist.

Try different, high quality Whey proteins, and remember to keep the balance with other nutrients, your quality carbs and fats.

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Benefits of Whey for Crossfit Training

The most important facts you need to know about this super charged  fast protein that will make your crossfit training even more worthwhile! for real  WHAT IS WHEY? Whey is a byproduct of cheese clot. Liquid that remains after clotting of milk actually. So yes, it belongs to a very important group, called proteins. It is the fastest absorbing protein, meaning that it is very effective in supplying our body with many different nutrients, like minerals, such as sodium, iron, zinc, copper, cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, and also with vitamins, amino acids and protein, not giving too much calories in over all. It is also a complex protein, which means it consists of all the essential amino acids needed in a daily nutrition. crossfit and whey HOW EXACTLY WHEY AFFECTS OUR HELTH? Whey is great source of branched-chain amino acids or short BCAA, with concentration greater than in other foods, metabolizing directly in the muscle tissue, so the muscles use them primarily during a workout. That way, whey helps our body recover faster in the post workout period. Whey protein has a whole chain of proteins, like: b-lactoglobulin, a-lactalbumin, imunoglobuline, glycomacropeptide, lysosome, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase. It also delivers significant amounts of leucine, which accelerates muscle protein synthesis, meaning, stimulating muscle growth. Minerals provide and combine metabolic processes and keep making sure that there is no, ”hold-up and error in a cell programme”, that way, keeping the cell tonus, diminishing a chance of a stroke, high blood pressure and similar disorders. Of sugars, there is also a lactose, very important in the nutriniton of children. Whey protein is also effective in prevention of cavity, with appetite disorder and also in a states after different medical interventions. Also retaining a good cholesterol levels and nourishing the whole imune system. Presence of the orotic acid, or vitamin B13, affects positively on a formation of genetic material. Many researches show that, patients recovering from an heart attack, and also from multiple sclerosis and chronic hepatitis, can benefit positivly from whey consumtion. Whey also have influence of a special hormone that affects the appetite, keeping the satiety, even though it doesn’t have that many calories. So it gives you mass, and keeps your fats low. It renews the gut flora. It is also said that, whey is equally good as a mothers milk, because it is filled with many nutritional substances that help multiplication of the acidophilus bacteria. Audiophiles acts like natural antiseptic, which is destroying, or preventing pathogenic microorganism growth. It’s excellent for digestion, joints, ligaments, as a anti-aging supplement, and liver regenerator. WHAT ALL THAT MEANS IN FITNESS SCIENCE? Crossfit Athletes who consume more of the leucine throughout food intake, have smoother muscles, with less fat percentage, regarding to bigger muscle mass. Whey isolate protein consists of 50% more leucine then eggs, milk or soy. Recent researches show that whey contains small protein fragments, called peptides, which affect the blood flow into muscles by increasing it. SO, THERE ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF WHEY? Yes. In the world, whey is consumed as fresh, sweetened with sugar or with some fruits. Composition and taste depends on a type of a milk, the taste is mostly mild, but which ever we take, its beneficial. Today, whey is very popular to use as a powder, dissolving in warm water (but room temperature water or a cold one, is also acceptable), and it is of very good quality. Click here to read part two

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Crossfit Energy Load Fast – Part 2

Part two… check out part one here

This will get you that extra money earned, and keep you motivated for the upcoming battles. But, before we set closure to this topic, here are a few helpful tips on the post working rituals:

  • must eat any of the proteins immediately in the next hour after workout; anything above that time range, and you are risking of dropping the whole effort down the water
  • drink enough water to replenish the drained energy
  • take a good, 15-20 minute shower, to relax the tensed muscles
  • if you have an option to get a massage, it is a great refreshing therapy which can reduce the soreness by nearly 50%
  • get a good, 6-8 hours of sleep, try to get to bed before midnight

Crossfit energy

Post-workout meal recommendations:

-          have your protein shake right away

-          and one hour after, get some carbs into your system, (one serving of macaroni or some buckwheat pancakes)

-          and to preserve your mass overnight, get some more proteins right before sleep (30 minutes to one hour), like cottage cheese with a tomato in a salad with some onions, or make a cookie/milk meal, nothing fancy, but still good food

-          the best option is off course fish, (fresh, frozen or sardine) and some sweet potatoes

-          bananas are great energy boosters also, but try not to consume much fruit in the evening

In overall, we can relate to the fact that, without a fully engaged personality, following the right workout principles and meal plans, you can’t get much wrong. If you train alone, watch out for the heavy loads, if you don’t have anyone to help you, don’t use the weights you are not certain that you can lift, but keep the high intensity, as much as you can, using the machines and dumbbells variations only, like it is presented in this example workout. The cables are much more effective, because of the constant tension on the muscles included, and because they bring more safety to your joints, making you less vulnerable to injuries.

Don’t forget that breathing is crucial, especially in the high intensity workouts, so if you need to test your breathing technique before every workout, it’s perfectly fine and normal. Better to be sure, than hurt.

One more thing worth mentioning is that, no matter in what current state your body is, there is always a risk of pre-exhaustion of the smaller muscle groups, because they are smaller, and therefore weaker, so again remember, not to jerk while executing any movement. And all that is left at the end is to relax and accomplish your daily goals for a better smile of the satisfaction.

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Get you Crossfit Energy Load Fast with my Advice

Having trouble reaching your crossfit training goal, ripping the muscles apart to get bigger? Or you just need that extra push and some useful tip for your Back and Tris?

Many of the advanced crossfit trainees know that, having a lot of years of experience is actually a very tough and heavy burden to wear, because of the high level of muscle adoption and, as it is well known, the muscles are the perfect computers, with the unforgettable memory, making a long term hard core pro like you, greatly mind troubled. And, because there`s a big difference between a trainer and a trainee, and the fact that many of you tend so easily to forget that, therefore this enigma must be approached correctly and, as usual, strictly professionally.

Get you Crossfit Energy Load Fast with my Advice

Yes, the basic principle here is, off course, creating the change that will surprise and shock your muscle cells, but not always.

You should be first able to:

1-      Recognize the timing for it

2-      Have the right feeling to hit the precise angle

3-      Have the creativity to put the fast working program in your mind at that actual minute while you are at the gym (if you are a trainer or a pro, not a must, but very useful if you, all of the sudden, got that feeling of a necessity for the change)

4-      Endure the high intensity workout regimen fast

This also can be useful if you are too late for your crossfit workout, or feeling slightly saturated, or down tempo with your mood. It is an excellent booster, and it`s a super set based, the most common way of a good alternation.  Here is a good example of the fast 30 minute muscle engagement:

  • 5 minute warm-up


-          front lat. pull down/tricep dips on a parallel bar machine 3 x 6-10/max

(pause 2-3 min. between sets; est. super set time: 15 min.)


-          seated row on a machine, close grip/dumbbell standing over head tricep extension 3 x 10-10-6/10-7-drop sets on the last triceps set here, do 6 or 7 reps with the heavy dumbbell, then drop the weight and do 2-3 more reps, and then drop one more time and do 3 more

(pause 2-3 min. between sets; est. super set time: 15 min.)

Check out the rest of this article in part two

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Salt Water Sports Wear Crossfit Lifestyle and Guides

Welcome to our dedicated crossfit website or blog however you want to look at it, as sports clothing manufacturer we like to give back to our community and get involved with grass roots activity’s, we also have a lot of knowledgeable team members who enjoy a wide range of sports including crossfit training, football (soccer), weightlifting, running and many other regular activity’s thorough the year.

With this in mind we decided it would be a really good idea if we created our own site that can document all these activity’s, our sponsored teams and give our employees a place to post articles on subjects they understand and hopefully this will inspire kids to get more involved with sport or advance their career further.

I’ve sent emails to all my team members, management, sponsored athletes and employees requesting their assistance with adding new information, videos and content to this site and I have already had a good response, so hopefully over the next few weeks we should have a decent amount of information that is useful and hopefully well written.

Some Q and A as requested

What is the main focus of the site?

Well everything above but having said that I will be the editor of the site and as I said in the introduction email I would like to focus on crossfit as this is our most popular product line and I can see it growing even larger in the future.
Will I get paid for this?

During down time once authorized with Mac or Peter I don’t mind you spending an hour at work putting together an article or researching something useful for the site.

What should I write about?

Anything and everything crossfit or fitness and sports related, you really need to focus on writing about what you know and understand already rather than spending hours on a subject you don’t

Can I make my own videos instead

Yes or you can simply go to youtube and find relevant videos relating to the subject you are describing or need to demonstrate how something is done, I would suggest creating your own youtube account and submitting it with the article.

Should we include our own clothing products?

I don’t think it would serve any purpose, I would mainly focus on putting together useful information for potential athletes of the future, we already have a sales site in place that is targeting our audience, this site is really just a crossfit information help, advice and guide for anyone wanting to get involved with the sport.

Having said that another aspect of the site I would love to expand is to reach out to sports clothing designers especially talented new designers wanting to demonstrate concept designs targeting the crossfit audience.


If anyone has experience designing blogs and websites and can offer a little assistance to me it would be appreciated.
Also if we can all share the new posts on our facebook, G+ and other social networks we should be able to get this site off the ground quicker.
and if you know anyone that can contribute please email me or let me know at work.

Thanks Mike


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